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Auto-following in Finam (the service COMON RU) | Internet income

Today I am going to examine the service of auto-following Comon from the famous financial broker Finam. I want to note that I will consider in terms of the investor’s point of view and not the manager’s point of view because it is quite different areas.

I will begin with an introduction for the very beginners. Auto-following is the function permitting an investor (a user) to repeat all transactions which were chosen by a manager. The user takes for this a certain percent of his income and it will be a motivation to share your own strategy with other people.

This service significantly differs from the trust managing of investments. So, there are undeniable advantages of auto-following:

  • Investor’s money remains on his account and they don’t transfer anywhere. It reduceы the risk and to increase convenience of user;
  • A user can disconnect from his manager at any moment;
  • There are low standards and a relative simplicity for the investor – you should just find a good manager and press several buttons.

As you can see the auto-following has really big differences with from the trust managing of investments. When you use auto-following you freely choose for whom you will follow and you can change the managers if you do not like their strategy. This service offers rather flexible configuration of the investment with the fewer risks. You always work with your client account and, for example, you can freely close independently the positions which you do not like.


However, it has also some disadvantages:

  • The commission which were established by the company

The taken income of the private managers is fixed by their own and it quite adequately reflects the current situation. If there is too big commission and with the lack of income nobody will want to follow. But auto-following is a mass product. The managers not always want lead a big quantity of people though the companies encourage them to it through the big commission.

  • An excessive desire of the companies “to sell” you the function of auto-following, it is one more a product of mass.

The service of auto-following is profitable for the companies and it means that they will do anything to motivate you for the connection of this function. In this case I am talking about not quite right indicators of profitability which are counted in unclear way. By the way, it can be difficult at the first sight to find all information about the commissions.

An opportunity to lose all invested money with a wrong choosing of a manager can be considered as one more disadvantages. But it is related to the risks on the exchange and the investment on the whole. However these factors are no connected with auto-following.

In general, for the companies, providing the service of auto-following, it is intended to increase activity of the investors and to get the income from people who don’t want to go the transactions on the exchange by himself according to different reasons. And the service attracts a lot of beginners who completely don’t understand all features of the trading (it happens because of the simplicity in the using of the service).

The main task of investor with auto-following is to find a competent manager with a strategy and a suitable platform. And if in the first case everyone has his own approach in the second case will be an easier way to figure out. Let’s examine the planform Comon.

Это блок рекламы (благодаря которой "живёт" наш сайт)

It goes without saying that Comon is one of the most popular services of auto-following. This project was created by the group of Finam and it gained overwhelming popularity. The company is familiar too for people interesting in this theme.

I think nobody will have problems with the process of the registration and choosing a manager. So, we are going to analyze some features of the service auto-following transactions Comon which are inconspicuous at the first sight.

You should be ready that for auto-following you need to have a minimum sum established by the manager, the author of a strategy. This limit is needed because your sum should be enough for the doing transaction. Sometimes, according to the condition of the market, this sum is very small and it is not enough then an operation will not go. You should remember that Finam reserves the right to disconnect you from auto-following. It will happen if the sum on your account is not equal to the minimum.

Investors can regulate their rate of participation in the strategy in the percent from the main transaction, for example, they establish

the coefficient of participation at the rate of 50%. Pay attention! In this process the sum will be taken from the all sum and not from the 50% account. I think it is logically not use this function. Do you want to do the transaction by yourself with the part of funds? Then you can just open an individual account.

When there is a process of synchronization the website will always do rounding down to the integer. This process will go with the bringing your portfolio in accordance with the composition of financial instruments of your managing. I am going to explain the reason of the rounding. It is not always possible to repeat in accurate way a percentage of the manager, you invest different quantity of funds and the instruments are bought in the currency.

If you decide to disconnect from the strategy you should not forget that all opened position on the exchange don’t close automatically you need to do it individually.


I cannot avoid the complaints about Comon. This service is affected by the one of the frequent disadvantages connected with auto-following. Many people complain that it gets difficult to choose a good manager because of cunning

calculations of earnings yield and a maximum drawdown. On the whole it looks like that everywhere there is one abnormal income and actually it’s not so ideal.

However, Finam informs its clients beforehand that auto-following doesn’t require a manager to reach certain profitability. And you should understand that a subscriber and a manager do not have any juridical relationship. A subscriber observes the income. And what we have? Nobody will notify you about serious drawdowns on the account. So, it is necessary no only to choose a manager carefully but to view all the transactions. However I would like to say that no investments will work without it. Unfortunately, just to invest your money and get income without any efforts is an impossible dream.

Profitability to the strategy is not true according to the different reasons. One the one hand it is the calculations of the company, on the other hand you should mentally take away all the commission from your income. Do not forget about additional accounting of costs due to incomplete synchronization, a lack of funds for the operation, rounding operations because a subscriber and a manager have different sums etc.

Everybody can say what he wants but the function of auto-following is a good way to invest spare money though auto-following is not so profitable as the independent trading on the exchange. And the platform Comon by Finam is one of the most popular alternatives on this market. Yes, it involves the commissions and rates which are bigger in comparison with other variants but there are the lower risks and the focus on the clients pay of these factors. By the way, auto-following from the famous broker will not collapse as some pyramid schemes.

Comon: о проекте

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На рынке нет секретов! Раскрыв себя на комоне, вы почерпнете массу новых идей и знаний, которые впоследствии лягут в основу собственного стиля работы на финансовых рынках.

С уважением,

Comon: Блог участника Finam InvestLAB

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18 апреля 2011


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